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    Download Free P-S Cycles Integrated Planning System

    The P-S Cycles system is a comprehensive integrated planning system.? The data model is based on a manufacturer and distributor of bicycles.? It manages forecasts, sales orders, production, puchases and inventory across an integrated planning process.

    Download Links:
    System Overview Presentation (35 minutes flash and audio)

    Download the Fast Excel Development Template

    The Fast Excel Development Template is an Excel workbook with macros pre-installed that automate much of the system development process.? It enables a rapid build and comes with video tutorials to learn how to use it and get the best results.


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    Download Free Capacity Planning Tool

    This tool takes sales orders, bills of material and a process routing to calculate required production load. It then calculates available capacity from a calendar of work centers and generates rough-cut capacity planning charts.

    Load and capacity is viewable for all work centers in a given week (or day) and all weeks (days) for a given work center.


    Download Links:

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    Download Free Material Requirements Planning (MRP) System

    This system is an example of a typical MRP system.

    3g.playerauctions.com.cn assists manufacturers to develop their own finite scheduling systems in Excel, and will also custom develop scheduling systems for them. Most of these systems are interfaced to a host MRP/ERP system, which acts as a repository for demand and inventory data, and will perform Material Requirements Planning (MRP1) calculations.


    Download Links:

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